Travelling Portugal and Europe for 25 years.


Forcargo, a company with a 100% national capital, was founded in 1993 and develops its activity in the area of goods road transport. With approximately 150 employees committed to delivering quality services to all its customers, the company has agencies in Grijó (Porto) and in Alverca (Lisboa), equipped with the best operational resources.

With the experience accumulated during these years, Forcargo has as goal to reduce its transit times to the minimum cost possible, in order to provide an optimised solution to its partners, having thus the ambition to become a leader company in the transportation sector, promoting at the same time responsible environmental practices.

As a part of its development, Forcargo equips 100% of its fleet with access information in all its routes, having implemented a complete vehicle monitoring and fleet management system, which allows to increase productivity, improving the service provided to the customers and allowing for the compliance with the legislation and the mitigation of risks.

Integrated Management Policy

To manage the business of Provision of Services of National and International Goods Road Transport, in order to maximise the sustainable creation of value and the customers’ full satisfaction, supported by the continuous improvement of the services provided.

To turn FORCARGO into one of the largest national companies in the sector of national and international road transport.

In the management of the processes, using the available resources, which allows to reach the planned results effectively.

In the provision of services strictly meeting the applicable requirements and the commitments established, allowing for the continuous improvement of the quality management system.

Business ethics
Obtaining the recognition of the market for the quality of its services and seeing its name being respected for its efficiency and honesty.

Of the employees, always improving their aptitudes and motivation, creating a stimulating internal environment of permanent personal and professional learning.

Of people and goods supported by the effective use of the means adequate to the service provided.


Total coverage of the national and international market.


Modern and differentiated fleet;
Effective transportation – competitive costs, the best routes;
Account managers guarantee 24h with a single contact point
Integrated monitoring system;
GPS tracking in real time;
25-year experience and knowledge of the market;
Excellent results in the performances customers surveys;
Integration of a simple and effective fleet management, which results in an obvious increase in productivity and quality of the service;
The fleet management reports are detailed. The points to improve are immediately identified;
Task management;
Monitoring of the driving times;
Guarantee of compliance with the legislation on the driving times and the rest periods;
Recent fleet: Euro 5/6;
High quality patterns according to ISO/9001 standards.